About Us

About US

"The difficult we do immediately. The impossible takes a little longer."


MINS Technology was established in 2006 as a small business located in Netanya, Israel. We started our way from manufacturing a small line of electronics by marketing these products online and through several overseas dealers. The same year, MINS founder joined ORBIT Communications Ltd. filling the position in sales & marketing department as a customer support engineer for marine products.

As of today, MINS Technologies covers the following industry segments:
- Marine Satellite Communications
- Marine Electrical and Electronic Services for local Canadian fleet
- Electronic production of communication devices

The revenue generated by MINS is growing in large progression and has been increased by 600% in the last 3 years. We still consider ourselves as a small business – with 5 employees at the Head Office and 5 overseas support teams (USA, Russia, France, Italy and Australia).

Alex Goldenberg, MINS Technologies CEO


Alex Goldenberg

MINS Technologies CEO

Why choose us?

We base our vision of Marine SATCOM business on simple consideration that marine communication systems are state of the art complexion of electro-mechanical, RF and software devices that require deep knowledge, years of experience and extensive work with such complicated equipment. Casual, "overnight" players may make the best product to be compromised with wrong planning, bad installation or unprofessional maintenance.


    We have approximately 100 years combined sea experience as NAVY officers, merchant fleet radio operators and fleet managers.

      MINS Technologies is a trusted ORBIT dealer

    We have accomplished many unique projects on behalf of ORBIT. We speak the same language – verbally and technically. We talk part numbers, drawings, graphs and system files.

      MINS manage closed to $0.5M spare parts stock

    We succeeded in drastically minimizing the "RFQ to shipment time". Most of the frequently used parts are available immediately.


    These programs have determined the way and the costs of keeping existing fleet of the satellite systems in a good working order. They have been successfully implemented on two customer's fleets. We are currently looking for new similar projects and service contracts.

  We know ORBIT VSAT & TVRO systems on the part/board/component level

Our systems and projects database contain unique technical information.

      MINS has a very unique experience in managing projects Internationally

    That is one of the major benefits we may offer to our clients or partners. We know the World and the realities of the modern International trade, where every logistical or legal aspect is very important for timely and successful project final.

      MINS Technologies prices are reasonable & very competitive

    Our primary goal is to deliver a high quality product along with an exceptional service in the smart and optimal financial balance for our partners and clients.

      We have our own LRU repair circle

    MINS refurbished parts are supported by acceptance test protocols and are subject to MINS warranties.

Certifications and references

MINS technical staff is certified for major ORBIT key-products, which gives us the technical and legal ability to provide any possible service on behalf of that particular manufacturer. Additionally, we are authorized by ORBIT Communications Ltd. to provide technical training for third party technical staff including holding exams and applying for ORBIT certificates for successful training candidates. MINS technical personnel are SeaTel certified for VSAT key products (40XX &97XX models). We are Intellian certified as well, including V100 & V240 series. During the past few years, we have succeeded to approach and work for the World SATCOM leaders as well as a number of large fleets (clients). That is why we are holding a solid folder of references, which may be provided upon request.

Our Mission

"We do see our role as the continuing outstanding support for ORBIT Marine Communication systems around the Globe maintaining appropriate technical and marketing activities and holding solid spare parts stocking for ORBIT key-products.
As loyal believers in the excellence of ORBIT marine communication products, we intend to take the steps in expanding these products in the maritime market."