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Marine Satellite Communications Systems

ORBIT AL-7103-MKII "ORSAT" Mid-Life Service

Detailed technical proposal for upgrading the system and extending its lifespan for at least 5 years.

MINSTECH Parts Purchase Limited Warranty

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MINS Warranty Activation Declaration

MINS Technical Training Program
Level 1. Customer's IT/CSC/NOC personnel

Orbit’s OrSat™ (AL-7103-Ku MK II) 1.15m (45”) TxRx Ku-Band Maritime Satellite Communications System is a complicated electro-mechanical machine with cutting-edge technological solutions. With very user-friendly software interface and detailed user and service manuals – it still requires some basic training for the men suppose to use that equipment onboard the vessel. The training materials may be helpful for IT personnel responsible for the first level troubleshooting in case of communication outage.
The proposed training course is based on Orbit original training materials & developed as an additional answer to frequently asked end-user questions.


CCU Google Earth Agent User Manual

"Ku" & "C" Feed Replacement Instructions

for AL-7108-SYS-4

ORBIT AL-7208-POLDC - Enabling C-Band Circular Polarization

AL-7207 | AL-7208 | AL-7209 Maritime Stabilized TVRO System