The Orbit AL-7204-SYS2 has been removed from a yacht after four years of usage, fully refurbished and thoroughly tested in the MINS facility (including dynamic accuracy test). We did all the necessary fiberglass cleaning works and this system looks like new.

The system comes with a brand-new ADE/BDE cable set. User and installation manual is included. Please note the Orbit AL-7204-SYS2 is equipped with quad-band linear polarization LNB.

The system is subject to 1-year MINS limited warranty.

Shipping: ExW Nanoose Bay, BC Canada. Please contact us for the shipping quote.

The package: HT-certified wood crate. The crate dimensions: 1060 x 1060 x 1060 mm. Weight: ~250 kg.

Please contact us with any questions you may have.