MINS Technologies is committed to providing the highest level of customer service and satisfaction to our clients and partners. We appreciate our business relationships with you and your organization and will work with you to ensure you are happy with the products and standards of service we provide. Our goal is to maximize your equipment uptime while keeping your maintenance costs as low as possible.

Limited Onsite Repair and Replacement


The work done by MINSTECH staff is warranted for a period of 60 days. Should the repair fail during this time MINS will return to the site and provide all labor and travel time to ensure the problem has been solved. We ask that you cover travel expenses and that no work has been attempted onsite to remedy the problem, as that can sometimes further increase the damage. If problems other the ones found in the initial service call are discovered, and additional parts are required, you will be invoiced for the additional cost.


Replacement parts; new and refurbished, are warranted by MINSTECH for the period of 6 months. During this time, MINS will repair or replace those parts with new or refurbished items. If the work was performed by a technician not employed by MINS we may ask that a copy of the dated service report signed by a Customer representative and a copy of the Technician’s certificate be forwarded to MINS with the warranty request.
MINSTECH has a large quantity of spare part inventory which means we provide a quick replacement for our customers. We ask that the failed components and parts to be returned to MINS at your cost. These items will be tested and analyzed so that these and similar problems can be minimized in the future. The shipping cost will be charged to you only if the parts had been replaced by a source other than MINS.