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Satellite Equipment Leasing

Offering 2 to 5-Year Lease Programs

MINS offers equipment leasing from the value of $20,000 and above and lease terms ranging from 2 to 5 years. This is good for our potential clients who have short term projects or won’t make capital investments into the IT infrastructure. Our leasing does include the equipment which directly sold from us. We do not offer the equipment from other sources.

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- MINS provides the satellite systems and the IT equipment - IT rack, the modem, router, Wi-Fi access points, IP Phones, cables etc. The client pays for the IT equipment except the VSAT antenna and the tracking controller. That is one-time payment.

- MINS install the equipment onboard the ship and take steps for the system integration onboard and delivering the Internet, VOIP and other services has been ordered from the client. The client pays for the installation. That is one time payments included labor and reimbursable expenses. The reimbursable expenses may consist of installation materials 7 travel expenses.

- MINS may provide air time solution, when the client pays for all mentioned above services on the monthly basis.

- MINS is responsible for the satellite equipment proper work and take all necessary steps on rectifying the problems may happen with this equipment during the lease period. All preventive maintenance, repairs and system upgrades to be done on MINS account during the lease period. If intervention onboard is required – the client pays for the travel expenses only.

- The client's monthly bill contains the system lease fee, the modem subscription fee, air time usage bill for the Internet, IP phone usage (usually – flat rate for the incoming and outgoing calls within North America) and TV broadcast fee (if this service has been ordered). There are not multiply bills – one bill to single vendor.

- MINS is responsible for annual preventive maintenance visit and takes all labor & parts expenses on its account. The client pays for the travel expenses only.

- The client has a right to pay out the satellite system by the end of leasing period for depreciated value or to extend the leasing contract.

Please contact us if you want to learn all of the leasing solution aspects. Ask us for the leasing rates as well as the Satellite Internet, VIP, and Satellite TV service rates.


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At MINS Technologies Inc.we intend to maintain some rental fleet of marine VSAT stations that are available for our clients temporary deployments, such as expeditions or short term sea operations. Each system features the tracking controller, independent heading source (satellite compass), satellite modem, router, Wi-Fi access points and the Ethernet HUB.  The system power is supported by our own Uninterruptible Power Supply(UPS). You will need to supply the power cable and Ethernet (CAT5) cable. The system is acquiring the satellite and gets online within <10 minutes since the power has applied. We will preload the satellite modem with your service plan, then ship this totally self-contained, automatically pointing satellite communications system to you at any location. At the end of the rental period, we will arrange to have the system picked up and shipped back to us. The typical Internet Service Plan included 10Mbps Download and 1 Mbps Upload on our VSAT antenna.

Please call to discuss your needs and the service details.